Developed expressly for the rigors of production environments, Quantum delivers robust and dependable images and measurements so that you can deliver precision-engineered products.  Ideal for medical device and precision engineering environments, select features of Quantum include:

  • Automatic alignment:  You'll never need a jig again!
  • Automatic measurements and PASS/FAIL tolerance display:  Speed your way to results that matter most.
  • RTLDC™:  The patent-pending Real Time Lens Distortion Correction means that every field of view is ready for your most exacting measurements.
  • Rapid and secure results:  Save and recall measurement settings for FAST inspections, then share the reports via your secure network. 
  • Fully-integrated and complete solution:  Quantum is complete right out of the box, including a transmitted light stand and the on-board software.  No PC required!

Ash Quantum Multi Field of View Automatic Video Measurement System

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