Complete digital camera and DSS Basic software for your trinocular compound microscope. Digital slide analysis, objective analysis, object classification by specified criteria. Count and classification-automatic or manual object identification on the digital slide. Measurements of linear and optical parameters for particles. Annotation on digital slide. Software is DSS Basic, scanning slide and creating digital slide. Visualization and storage of digital samples in the database, remote access and network capabilities.3.2 MP resolution 2064x1544 image sensor CMOS 1/ 1/8” -120 f/s, USB 3.0. Requirement is Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB Ram. ITB hard drive, Windows 10 64x, Full HD Monitor (1920x1080). NVIDIA GTX x50 or better video card with at least 4 GB video memory.

DSS Basic - Complete Digital Camera and Measurement Software