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The S9 i stereo microscope with integrated 10 MP camera enables you to view images digitally at up to 35 frames per second on a PC, HD-monitor, or mobile device. This allows you to quickly and easily react to queries, get a second opinion, and discuss problems with colleagues. To work with mobile devices download the AirLab App from iTunes or the Google Play Store. For Apple Mac download Acquire.


Maximum working distance for maximum speed Sample inspection and manipulation under the microscope can be conveniently performed thanks to the 122 mm working distance of all S9 stereo microscopes. Enjoy working with more space for your tools under the microscope lens – sometimes every mm counts. Operators can access the sample with ease when using standardized tweezers or other manipulation tools.  This system also includes a 0.5X apo objective with a 200mm working distance.


FusionOptics technology from Leica Conventional stereo microscopes have two identical beam paths that reveal a spatial impression of the sample. FusionOptics technology takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon: the microscope's left beam path shows an image with great depth of field, while the right beam path shows an image with high resolution. The human brain then effortlessly combines the information from both channels into one image. This results in an image perception with high resolution and a great depth of field at the same time – an unparalleled Leica standard in stereo microscopy


The 35° viewing angle of the microscope allows a natural head posture and helps to prevent operator fatigue. For recurring tasks the switchable zoom click-stops assure reproducible and reliable results from operator to operator.


Manage your images with ease Inspect, analyze, and organize your images with the LAS X software from Leica. This latest software platform enables straightforward imaging and documentation, available for industrial and life science applications. It supports operators to deliver reliable results with confidence. LAS X also offers a range of additional software modules and expert solutions for specific applications.


  • FusionOptics technology with 12 mm depth of field to find details fast
  • High magnification up to 55x and 9:1 zoom for quick changes from overview to details
  • 122 mm working distance for easy sample manipulations under the microscope
  • Integrated, network-camera for easy image sharing


Monitor, boom stand, ring light, 0.5x APO objective is included.

This system is pre-owned but has cleaned and tested with great optical quality.

All sales are final.



Leica S9i Digital Stereo Microscope

SKU: 10450816
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