SJ-210 Portable Surface Roughness Tester, Skidded, .7 In/17.5mm Evaluation Range, 4mN Measuring Force, 90 degree 5 Micron Stylus Tip, Color Built-In Display Unit, USB/RS-232C Output2.4-inch color LCD display with backlighting is switchable right or left-hand views.Displays both total and sectional measurement resuts as well as evaluation curve, BAC, ADC and waveform.The built-in battery allows approximately 1,000 measurements on a full charge.


The Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 (178-561-02A) is a portable, handheld surface roughness tester with a 2.4-inch, color, backlit, LCD touch screen that displays in vertical or horizontal orientations, and left- and right-hand data views in 16 languages, measures 39 parameters, and has a micro-SD card that stores up to 10,000 results. A surf tester, also known as a profilometer, surface roughness tester, roughness gage, or surface finish gage, is a device used in metrology to inspect and measure surface roughness in shop, metalworking, manufacturing and quality control (QC) applications.

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-210 Surface Roughness Tester 4MN

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  • This surface tester has an Ingress-Protection (IP)-53 rating for water and dust resistance. It displays total and sectional measurement results, assessed profiles, evaluation curve, bearing area curve (BAC), amplitude distribution curve (ADC), and waveform results. Profile images can be zoomed up or down. The Surftest can display results in sixteen languages. An integrated micro-SD card stores 10,000 measurement results, and supports screen capture. A built-in battery allows for approximately 1,000 measurements with four hours of charging time. The unit’s memory stores up to 10 measurement conditions, and one measured profile. Operational keys on the front of the unit and under the sliding cover are labeled, and display settings have left and right arrow keys. Keys are displayed on the front of the unit, and additional, less frequently used keys are hidden under the sliding cover to prevent unintended operations. The unit has a stylus alarm that indicates when cumulative measurement distance exceeds the preset limit. The detachable drive unit can be separated from the display unit with a cable for maneuverability.

    The SJ-210 has auto-calibration that can be initiated with numerical value entry, and gain adjustment for color clarity. An auto-sleep function can be activated to automatically turn the power off, if there has been no operation for 10 to 600 seconds. Measurement conditions are saved when power is turned off. The unit has parameter customization for calculation and display. It has a “go/no-go” (G/NG) parameter judgment with maximum value of 16% rule option, and ANSI standard deviation selection option.

    The Surftest SJ-210 (178-561-02A) is password-protected to protect settings and to prevent unintended operations. It has a USB 2.0 interface with digimatic Statistical Process Control (SPC) cable for data collection, RS-232C output, and can be connected to a printer and a footswitch. A memory card slot supports data storage. It works with Microsoft W

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