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This manual vision measuring system is an excellent surface observation system which you can use on a wide variety of workpieces.
The Quick Scope offers you the following benefits:

  • 0,1 μm resolution and 150 mm Z-axis range.
  • Power zoom enabling you to change magnification change quickly and easily.
  • Fine illumination capability enabling you to change lighting to match your workpiece requirements.
  • A quick release system on the stage, so you can switch instantly between coarse and fine movement.
  • Quick navigation function allowing you to repeat measurements quickly.
  • Motorized Z-axis enables fast and accurate Auto Focus.
  • 8x4x6" (200×100×150 mm)


Sensor type:

Colour CMOS
3 megapixels

AF (motorized Z-axis):


Objective lens:

Zoom type

(optical system):

0,75X -> 5,25X with 1,5X objective

Z-axis measurement:

Motorized with AF

Max. stage loading:

22 lbs

Mitutoyo Quick Scope QS-L2010Z/AFC Manual VMM

SKU: 359-713-10
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