The Panthera Classic is the ultimate all-around microscope for the traditional microscope user. It offers modern Full Kohler LED illumination as well as classic halogen illumination, enabling users to choose the best illumination medium based on their immediate needs. Adding to the versatility of the Panthera C, is the availability of a wide variety of contrast techniques and a quintuple nosepiece, to give the user the power to produce their precisely desired image.

Other leading edge features include a rackless mechanical stage, infinity corrected plan achromatic objectives and an LED light intensity indicator on the nosepiece. All of these features, combined with microscope components of the highest quality, result in the perfect microscope for general routine use.



  • UC-WF10X/22 Eye Pieces
  • Bino/Trino Head
  • Infinity Corrected Plan UC Achromatic 4X to 100X Objectives
  • Quintuple Nosepiece
  • N.A. 0.90/1.25 Abbe Condenser
  • Rackless Mechanical Stage
  • 3W LED/30W Hal Transmitted Illumination
  • Kohler Illumination
  • USB for External Camera
  • LED Nosepiece Light Intensity Indicator
  • Able to Perform BF, PH, POL, DF, FL (With LED Mouse), MMC Contrast Techniques

Motic Panthera C Binocular Routine Microscope

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