Panthera TEC-BD/DF/RL/TL  6x4 Stage (Trino)
  • Trinocular head Erect type 25° inclined, 0/100 split
  • Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece N-WF PL10X/22mm with diopter
  • on both eyepieces, with rubber eyecup (paired)
  • Brightfield/Darkfield 5X/0.13 (WD 17.3mm), BD 10X/0.25 (WD 16.3mm), BD 20X/0.40 (WD 7.3mm), S-APO BD 50X/0.80 (WD 1mm) objectives
  • Coaxial course and fine focusing system
  • Stroke 6”x4” stage ( a 150x100mm range and a stage area 300x180mm) with glass plate
  • 3W LED Epi-illumination with slots for analyzer and polarizer
  • Universal Power Supply 100-240V
  • Trasmitted Koehler illumination 0.06W LED (39 LEDs) with automatic intensity control 
  • Power cord, Allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover


  • Image sensor 1/2.5´´ CMOS Color 
  • resolution [max] 2592 x 1944 pixel
  • [5.0 Mpix]
  • I-Solution Lite Software


Image Acquisition

i-Solution family of software is designed to receive images directly from various hardware sources. Keeping in tune with today’s rapidly changing digital camera technology, you can directly control digital cameras. IMT software also supports TWAIN and WDM Drivers along with a wide variety of frame grabbers and i-LINK from Sony. The Time Lapse Capture tool offers accurate time interval analysis for video production for both analog and digital cameras. Movie recordings can be saved

in AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MOV file formats. The time is also captured during recording.

Live Measurement and Overlay

Measuring and analyzing high volumes of images can take a long time. With live measurement you don’t need to capture images in order to perform measurements. This will allow you to measure, analyze, sort and manage image statistics all from a

Live Preview window. In addition, you can import measured data, images, statistical tables and diagrams into MS Excel in real

time. You can perform these high-speed live measurements using both CCD and high resolution digital cameras. Crosshair

generation and grid mask on the live preview window according to the calibrated scale are also available.

Calibration (Auto, Manual)

All measurements start with an accurate calibration. Auto, Semi-Auto calibration

functions allow the software to calculate the pixels-per-unit value automatically.

Only setting the unit for the calibration scale and the minimum distance between

the scale marks is needed. This feature greatly improves the accuracy and repetition

of measurements. Manual calibrations are easily added and saved for recall from a

drop down menu. All calibrations can be saved as files, which let the calibration be

retrieved by simply opening the saved files later. Calibration can be protected by

password option. Two password options, one in calibration menu itself and the

other in camera resolution option, protect calibration by unexpected change. A

scale bar can be permanently added to each image. Scale bar properties for color,

size and text are simple to optimize for any image background.

Automatic Calibration Adjustment

By Adjust Resolution option in calibration menu, all camera capture resolution may

be used regardless of the image resolution which was used for calibration. Even

different cameras can be used on the basis of the same calibration. All calibration is

adjusted automatically even with different camera models and captured image



IMT software features versatile measurement tools for measuring lengths, areas, and angles and can auto detect an object’s outline and then make specified measurements. The software is equipped with all the measurement functions you will ever need, including 3-point circle functionality, N-point circle measurement functionality, parallel line distance measurement, perpendicular distance measurement, object distance measurement, as well as auto object outline trace. In addition, a zoom-in window can be used to determine the accurate measuring point of an object. Once you’ve measured a specimen, you can easily export all of the images, measurement data and statistics to an Excel file.


PC Not Included but available upon request for an additional charge.


Contact us for other configurations available.

Motic Panthera TEC MAT BD-T (6"x4") w/Erect Head, Jenoptik CT5, I-Solution Lite