Designed for the University setting, the Panthera U is designed with an emphasis on flexibility and ease-of-use. Using Motic LightTracer technology, the Panthera U enables users to set custom light intensity presets.

The 3W full Kohler LED illumination is easily interchangeable with other color temperature bulbs and is  perfect for all specimens, from the delicate to the weakly stained.

In addition, it has many different accessories available to enable a wide range of different contrast methods, making it useful in studying a wide variety of subjects. Other leading edge features include a new 2-slide rackless mechanical stage, Infinity Corrected Plan UC achromat objectives, and a quintuple coded nosepiece, which is fashioned with an LED light intensity indicator.



  • UC-WF10X/22 Eye Pieces
  • Bino/Trino Head
  • Infinity Corrected Plan Achromat 4X to 100X Objectives
  • Quintuple/Coded Nosepiece
  • N.A. 0.90/1.25 Abbe Condenser
  • Rackless Mechanical Stage
  • 3W LED Transmitted Illumination
  • Fixed Kohler Illumination
  • USB for External Camera
  • LED Nosepiece Light Intensity Indicator
  • Able to Perform BF PH POL EpiLED DF FL MMC Contrast Techniques
  • Digital Intensity Knob
  • Motic LightTracer

Motic Pathera U Binocular University Microscope

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