• 2.0 mega pixel camera
  • Connects via USB 2.0 port.
  • Captures images up to 1600x1200.
  • Captures motion video at 1600x1200, 10-20 frames per second. Up to 30 fps at lower resolution.
  • Includes Motic Images 2.0 software for Windows and Motic Images Plus 2.0 for Mac OSX.
  • Digital camera has a 1/3" CMOS pickup device with USB 2.0 cable attached.
  • Includes - C mount ring, 12mm CCD lens and 4 eyepiece adapters (28, 30, 34, and 35mm OD) and macro viewing tube.
  • Includes glass calibration slide, for high power (compound) and low power (stereo) microscopes.
  • Capable of 3 different live preview settings up to 1600x1280 resolution and six different capture resolutions from 160x120 to 1280x1024.

Moticam 2 USB 2.0 Camera

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