MBA95000 Ci-L Stand, LED, with L & R Condenser focus controls.

79035 Power Cord

MBC91110 C-SR2S Right Hand Mechanical Stage with Long finger slide holder

MBP60110 Universal 5 Place Nosepiece

(2) MXA23017 Nosepiece adapters

MBB93100 C-TF Trinocular body 100/100%

MBB73520 Y-T TV tube

DC50NN 0.5X C-mount lens

(2) MAK10110 CFI 10X EYEPIECES F.N. 22MM

MBL73100 C-C PH Turret Condenser, 0.90na (4-100X), W.D. 1.9mm,  Ph1,2,3,BF, DF(0.80), and Closed

MRH10200 CFI PLAN FLUOR DLL 2 20X Objective

MRH11900 CFI PLAN FLUOR DLL 3 Oil Objective

4MP Pixelink Camera w/ USB 3.0 cable


Nikon Eclipse Ci-L Phase Contrast Microscope w/ 20x, 100x Objectives, Camera