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Eclipse L200N Series – IC inspection microscopes

Incorporating CFI60 optics for flawless inspection of 200mm wafers and masks.
Combined with Nikon's superior CFI60 LU/L optical system and an extraordinary new illumination system, this microscope provides images with greater contrast, high resolving power and darkfield images three times brighter than before. Used independently, or in combination with wafer loaders, the L200 series performs exceptionally precise optical inspection of wafers, photo masks, reticles and other substrates.


  • Antennae
  • Telecom & Electronics
  • Wafers
  • Telescope optics
  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches



Benefits & features

L200: Offers 200mm wafer and mask inspection capabilities for reflected light illumination defect identification with various observation methods such as brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing and DIC.

L200ND: Offers 200mm wafer and mask inspection capabilities for both transmitted and relfected light illumination. In addition to the observation methods of the L200N, epi-fluorescence observations including 365nm UV exicitation is possible.


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Nikon Eclipse L200N Series Microscope

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