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Complex operation and physical fatigue from long hours of use are common challenges for microscope users in both clinical and educational settings. To address these challenges, Nikon has developed the ECLIPSE Si upright microscope. The ECLIPSE Si features intelligent features such as a Light Intensity Management function which reduces the time spent on adjusting the light intensity when changing magnifications. The ergonomic design of the ECLIPSE Si, including a tube featuring a 45 degree inclination angle and a low stage height ensures that users maintain a natural posture. The ECLIPSE Si improves the workflow for a wide range of users and helps them stay focused during long hours of observations.



Optical systemCFI60 infinity optical system
IlluminationHigh luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination)
  • Built-in fly-eye lens
  • Up to two 45 mm diameter filters can be installed
  • Light Intensity Management (LIM) feature included
Eyepieces (F.O.V., mm)With diopter adjustment
  • E2‒CFI 10X (20)
  • Binocular Tube 2 or Trinocular Tube F2 w/ built in 0.55 c-mount
    Inclination angle 45°, pupillary distance: 50-75 mm
Objectives (NA/W.D.)
  • CFI E Plan Achromat 4X (0.1/30 mm)
  • CFI E Plan Achromat 10X (0.25/7 mm)
  • CFI E Plan Achromat 40X (0.65/0.65 mm)
  • CFI E Plan Achromat 100X Oil (1.25/0.23 mm)
CondenserAbbe Condenser, NA 1.25, vertically movable and centerable
Observation methods

Brightfield, phase contrast, diascopic fluorescence, dark-field, simple

polarizing options available

Fungus-proof treatmentAntifungal paint is applied around optical system
WeightApprox. 6.0 kg (when equipped with binocular tube 2)
Approx. 6.4 kg (when equipped with trinocular tube F2)



Nikon Eclipse Si Biological Microscope

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