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Used Nikon SMZ 745T Stereo Microscope

Includes the following components and features

  • (2) Used C-10X Widefield eyepieces with removable reticle holders
  • Used Track Stand with Black and White stage plate
  • Zoom settings .67x-5x
  • C-mount camera port with 0.55x magnification
  • Fi-1 Camera
  • L2 Camera controller display.


The DS-Fi1 is the industry standard for documentation applications in industrial and biomedical fields. With high performance in resolution, frame rate, and color fidelity, the DS-Fi1 fits a very wide range of imaging applications.


5.0-megapixel color CCD Small pixel size and a field-of-view of 2,560 x 1,920 pixels allows you to acquire color images at very high resolution.


Stand alone control unit. No PC required. Simple operation with a mouse. Live observation and camera control are possible on the large built-in LCD monitor.


All sales are final

Many different configurations and options available upon request.

Nikon SMZ 745T Stereozoom w/ Track Stand, Ring Light, DS-Fi-1 Camera, L2 Control

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