The M2C-KIT-CYL microscopy colro camera is based on a CMOSIS CMV2000 CMOS global shutter sensor with a 2/3” optical format.

The extensive built-in image processing possibilities (image pre-processing) result in outstanding image quality, less load on the system and higher performance.

This camera provides the user choice of 8-bit or 10- bit digitization and a dynamic range of 60dB in 10-bit mode.

Ideal for use in any laboratory setting, PixeLINK cameras let you capture high-quality images with your existing microscope equipment.

Pixelink microscopy cameras and associated software are designed to offer consistent, high-quality image acquisition and performance.

PixeLINK µScope software offers professional image analyses and features the latest in acquisition, analysis and reporting functionality.

Some of these features include:
•Auto & Semi-Auto Calibration
•Line Profiling
•Image Processing
•Image Stitching to create a mosaic of the “Big Picture”
•3D Visualization
•Auto Trace
•Reflected light subtraction
•Measurement and Annotation

Pixelink 2.2MP M2C-KIT-CYL W/µScope Essentials


  • Interface

    USB 3.0

    Sensor Model

    CMOSIS CMV2000

    Color Space


    Resolution (MP)

    2048 x 1088 (2.2MP)

    Bit Depth

    10-bit, 8-bit

    Pixel Pitch (µm)


    Optical Format


    Sensor Diagonal

    12.75 mm

    Lens Mount


    Frame Rate (FPS at Full Resolution)


    Sensor Type


    Shutter Type


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