TrueChrome 4K Pro is one microscope camera mixing HDMI shortcut operation and USB 3.0 professional software analysis. Generally one set of HDMI cameras can complete many regular operation in microscope application. And people is fond of this shortcut. However, it usually requires the professional cooperation of USB camera and computer software when performing fine image analysis and process. TrueChrome 4K Pro perfectly meet the both working needs. It not only inherits the shortcut operation function of “no computer need, mouse control” from Tucsen HDMI camera, but also perfectly transplants MIchrome USB 3.0 camera with its advanced functions like complete imaging control, fine image process and live stitching, live EDF etc. TrueChrome 4K Pro is opening a complete new dual-channel imaging mode, with doubled functions and uncompromising performance!


  • Product Model: TrueChrome 4K Pro

  • Sensor Type: Sony IMX183C CMOS

  • Resolution: 8MP( 3840x2160 )

  • HDMI: 30fps@3840x2160

  • USB 3.0: 25fps@3840x2160

  • Ethernet: 30fps 3840x2160


  • Image format: USB 3.0: JPG/PNG/TIFF/DICOM

  • Ethernet: JPG/PNG/TIFF/DICOM

  • Exposure Mode: Auto/Manual

  • Exposure Time: 2ms~10s

  • White Balance: Auto/Manual

  • Optical Interface: Standard C-Mount

  • HDMI: Connect monitor

  • USB3.0: Connect computer or U disk

  • LAN: Connect Internet

  • USB2.0: Connect mouse

  • Software: HDMI:Embedded software,PC:Mosaic V2

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 ( 32bit/64bit )

TrueChrome 4k Pro HDMI, USB 3.0, LAN Camera