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Easy to use:

No computer required, perform 3D observation and measurement.


Wide applications:

Directly equip with metallographic, stereo and other reflective microscopes.


Accuracy measurement:

±2um measuring accuracy for 2D&3D with 10x objective lens.


Real-time EDF for clear microscopic observation


Ordinary microscopes cannot focus on multiple layers at the same time under high magnification. It is easy to cause angle deviation, rotation and uneven focal plane by using thirdparty software and hardware systems to expand the depth of field. The inner smart EDF algorithm can help solve these problems, obtain all the features of the sample at high magnifications and capture a clear and correct full-frame focusing image.


2D automatic measurement function


No need for the manually precise positioning, the camera enables you to finish your batches measuring project as quickly as possible. With the stereo microscope of 2.5 times magnifying, the 2D automatic measurement accuracy and repeatability is ±5 micron and ±3 micron.


Report creation function


The camera can not only save images and video data, but also automatically create test reports with pictures and texts, all 2D and 3D data in the work-flow all can be exported. The job was done when operation finished, easy and simple!



3D Real Time EDF Camera

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