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The DP-1VA collects data from a Digimatic gage, which can be stored, exported to software or printed.


DP-1VA Data Collection

• A gage with SPC output is connected to the DP-1VA with an SPC cable.

• The data for each part measured is printed or sent directly to a PC through a USB cable.

• This data can be triggered by the button on the gage, cable or the DP-1VA. The footswitch can also be used. Data Logger:

– Data can be stored internally or printed. – Up to 1,000 measurements can be stored. Timer:

– Data collection can be triggered by a timer function. The DP-1VA can collect data unattended to measure changes over time. Tolerance and SPC:

– Tolerances can be set in the unit and statistics can be calculated and printed directly from the DP-1VA.

– No additional software is required.


Order No. 264-505A Data input Digimatic, Digimatic 2, RS-232C input (for KA Counter Only) Printing method Thermal Line Printer Character specifications Total dot number: 384 dots/line Dot size: 8 dots/mm Normal font: 24 x 16 dots Large font: 36 x 24 dots Print speed 0.8 s/line when using AC adapter Print capacity 7,000 lines/roll with Large font 10,000 lines/roll with Normal font Print data Measuring data, go/±no go, number of data, maximum minimum value, range, average, standard deviation, number of defective, function defective, process capability index, histogram, D-chart, control chart generation for X-bar and central limit data, data and time Printer paper High durability thermal paper. Width: 58mm. Roll length: 48m Power supply 100 V 50/60 Hz AC adapter (6 V, 2 A) AA alkaline batteries x4 Battery life About 10,000 lines at 20 C Data processing capability Mode 0: 100,000 data entries Mode 1: 9,999 data entries Mode 3: sample size 10 x subgroup 9,999 = Total number of data entries: 99,990 Tolerance judgement 5 sets Logging of measurement data Max 1,000 points Timer input 0.25 s, 1 s, 5 s, 30 s, 1 min, 30 min, 60 min Data Output USB Output RS-232C output at TTL level Tolerance judgment result output (-NG, GO, +NG) Clock precision +/-2 min max/month Internal battery life 10 years Operating temperature range 0 C to 45 C with AC adapter 10 C to 45 C with batteries External Dimensions 94mm x 201mm x 75mm

Digimatic Data Logger & Printer DP-1VA

SKU: 264-505A
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