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25x-200x Total Magnification

Field of View 20.27mm-2.53mm

AMS(Automatic Magnification Sensor) The HDS system automatically recognizes the lens setting and the magnification in use at any specific point in time. Calibration is not required every time that magnification is changed. In addition, the magnification setting, required for 3D observation, is not required to be input manually because it is provided automatically.



Included Panasis Software


  • Live Measuring-Measurements and analysis can be performed on live images.
  • Measurement Results/Statistics-Length, area, angle measurements and samples, such as minimum, maximum, mean, and statistical values can be calculated easily.


Image Sensor

1/1.8” 3.2M Progressive Color CMOS(Sony: IMX252LQR-C)

Shutter Type

Global Shutter

Active Picture Element

2048 (H) x 1536 (V)

Cell Size

3.45 (H) x 3.45 (V) µm


Laptop computer not included.

Huvitz HDS-2520 Digital Microscope W/ Panasis

SKU: HDS-2520Z-P
$11,499.00 Regular Price
$6,975.00Sale Price
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