Observation of high resolution depth with 3D The components of the HDS system are high resolution optics, precise digital image capture, image processing software and high resolution LCD image display. The image processing includes image management, 2D image capture, 3D image creation and very accurate measurement profiles for height, volume, angles and length. Especially, it’s possible to generate and observe full-focused expansion 3D display through one click.


Optimally designed motorized stage Auto tiling obtains image sequentially by moving the stage in X/Y directions. The automatic visual connection comes on display. Navigation : There are provisions in the software to assist in navigation. Especially with high magnification tasks, this feature is extremely helpful. By clicking on a position on the image, with the motorized stage functions, the software will automatically position the stage in the correct position


Reduced error, increased stability High speed real-time tiling High speed tiling is a useful function to obtain composition images of larger samples. It is composed of captured images along the X/Y axis combined into a single image. These combined images are processed as the lens moves along the X/Y axis. The speed of composition is twice as rapid as other brands and the quality of the tiled sections is excellent and natural. In addition, the use of navigation reference points reduces artifacts and image failure. The high speed tiling process can include up to 400 megapixels in a single composite image. This provides the capability to display a significant portion of the specimen in a single image. HDR(High Dynamic Range) The camera captures multiple color images at different brightness level by varying the shutter speed. The image processing then produces an image with high level gradation of data. The range of obtainable brightness widens, resulting in the accurate representation of targets without glare and reflection.

AMS(Automatic Magnification Sensor) The HDS system automatically recognizes the lens setting and the magnification in use at any specific point in time. Calibration is not required every time that magnification is changed. In addition, the magnification setting, required for 3D observation, is not required to be input manually because it is provided automatically.

Real-time measurement during observation The system allows users to complete all measurements directly on the screen in real time on a live image. The process requires only a couple of clicks with the mouse. The process is significantly easier and faster than previous methods. 2D measurement It offers a variety of measurement tools such as line, circle, arc, angle, polyline, polygon, vertical, width, parallel, count suitable for measurement result Multi view measurement Multi-view image’s partial display is fixed by previous saved calibration data so that the accuracy of measurement will be increased One click report creation

All of the data and analysis in the HDS system can rapidly be integrated into a report generator. The creation of reports using standard templates or customized templates(previously developed) can speed the complete of reports on various analytical functions. These reports can automatically include captured date, time, lens, magnification, and the various measurement data.


Model Specifications
25x~200x Zoom Lens
Optical Magnification 0.44x~3.56x
Total Magnification 25x~200x
Field of View 20.27mm~2.53mm
Working Distance 36mm (HDS-A2520N)


Main Controller
Camera Imaging Receiving Element 1/1.8 inch (8.50mm x 6.80mm)CCD, Sony ICX274AL
Frame Rate 20fps
Resolution 1600 (H) x 1200 (V)
LCD Monitor Display Size 21.5" [21.46 inches (545.22mm) Diagonal]
Panel Size 495.6 (H) x 292.2 (V) x 10.2 (D)mm (Typ.)
Pixel Pitch 0.2475mm x 0.2475mm
Number of Pixels 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Brightness 250cd/m2 (Center 1 Point, Typ.)
Hard Disk Drive Unit Disk Size 2.5"
Spindle Speed 7200RPM
Storage Capacity 1TByte
Output Video Output HDMI (1080P), VGA
Scanning Frequency 60Hz (LCD Monitor), 60Hz (External Monitor)
Input Mouse Supports USB and PS/2 Mouse
Keyboard Supports USB and PS/2 Keyboard
Interface LAN RJ-45 x 2, 10/100/1000 Mbps, LAN1: Intel 82579LM, LAN2: Intel 82583V
USB 2.0 Series A 6 Types (2 Front ports, and 4 Rear ports)
RS-232 D-sub 9pin x 2 (COM1, COM2)
Power Supply Rated Voltage AC 100~240V, ~5A 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 90W
Environmental Resistance Ambient Temperature 10°C to 40°C (No Condensation)
Relative Humidity Below 85% (No Condensation)
Dimension (mm) / Weight Controller (Main Unit) 547.6 (W) x 419 (H) x 183 (D) / Approx. 11.5kg
Camera Unit Ø37 (di) X 48.2 (H) / Approx. 0.05kg

235.5 (W) x 50.9 (H) x 141.5 (D) / Approx. 0.5kg


Tilting Stand
(Free Angle Stand)
Upper Z-Axis Stroke (Manual) 50mm
Upper Z-Axis Resolution 1㎛
Lower Z-Axis Stoke (Manual) 50mm
Free Angle -60°~+90°
Ambient Temperature 10°C to 40°C (No Condensation)
Relative Humidity Below 85% (No Condensation)
Dimension (mm) / Weight 319.7 (W) x 633 (H) x 439 (D) / 12kg
Motorized Z-Axis Unit
Stroke 30mm
Resolution 0.1㎛
Repeatability 1㎛
Dimension (mm) / Weightt Module: 60 (W) x 158 (H) x 42 (D) / 1.6kg
Console: 191.5 (W) x 50.9 (H) x 146.4 (D) / 0.5kg


Huvitz HDS-2520 Motorized Digital Microscope

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