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Magna Specifications

  • Binocular Tubes

    0-210° tilting head with Rotoplate, DBSi (inclined double beam splitter), Double Iris and DSLR Adapter

  • IPD

    50-75 mm

  • Eyepieces

    WF 10X/18 mm lockable eyepieces, one with resolution markup to assist in diopter adjustment

  • Diopter Adjustment

    ± 5mm with diopter lock

  • Apochromatic Magnichanger

    Galilean Zoom 1:6, convertible to 8 step magnichanger

  • Zoom Range


  • Objective

    NuVar system with variable focal length adjustment from 300-400 mm with fine focus mechanism

  • Microscope carrier

    ABA (Automatic Balancing Arm) with electromagnetic release for easy, drift free positioning

  • Light Source

    50 watt LED, 90-240V

  • Maximum Wattage

    195 watts

  • Built-in-Filters

    Green & Yellow

  • Vertical Movement of arm

    ± 250 mm, power saving feature with light cut-off in park position

  • Stand

    Robust, vibration-free stand on a cross base with four lockable caster wheels

  • Mounting Options

    Floor stand, wall mount and ceiling mount

Dimensions (mm)

Labomed Magna Microscope

SKU: 6129000
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