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Process Analyzer is an invaluable tool for your quality team. It gives you the flexibility to analyze your processes, identify problem areas and take corrective action to improve your product’s quality. Inspection runs can be sorted by Inspection Station, Routine or Part, and are displayed with the look and feel of the Windows Explorer. Inspection data can be merged, filtered, grouped, charted and printed in the way you want it.
Process Analyzer Lite Edition
Designed for offline viewing of Real-Time data in a networked environment. All views that are available in Real-Time Standard Edition are supported, with the exception of the Manager Views. Full reporting template functionality is also provided.

  • Review inspection data
    Analyze inspection data, view notes and traceability. Open data from different runs to compare the data and process behavior.
  • Switch between databases
    For larger installations that use different databases, the ability to switch the connection allows an engineer to analyze data from all sources.
  • Tree control navigation
    Self organized inspection data provided in an easy to use “navigation tree”. Sort data by Station or Inspection Routine, part, year, month or day.
  • Reporting
    Reporting is made easy through the use of a “what you see is what you get” style of template creation that allows you to pick chart and data through drag and drop with resizing. Several standard report templates are provided out of the box.


SKU: 64AAB609
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