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Real-time monitoring of data as it is collected. Provides the QC/Production Manager with the perfect tool to organize and maintain a shop-wide quality program at a glance.

Process Manager Standard Edition
Process Manager provides a method to audit the entire shop floor inspection activity from a single PC. Easily see process information without walking from one inspection area to another by viewing current production across all machines. Show clients your quality operation for the entire facility.

Log View
Designed to display information from multiple Stations in a tabular view format. The user can select the type of events to be monitored.
Plant View
Allows users the highest level view of their shop floor processes. Callouts have a meaningful border color related to tests for capability that have been enabled in each routine’s properties.
Group, Search and Sort Data
View data by part, routine, station. Apply saved filters to data so you monitor only the data that you are responsible for.
Manager View
Display a snapshot window of characteristics that are currently being collected in MeasurLink Real-Time. The data can be sorted by Station, Capability or Timestamp.
Global Variable View
Display process capability across all operations in your plant.
Remote viewing
See what the operators see and what your customers will see before product is delivered. Drill down through data to see detailed information. View Traceability, Assignable Causes, Corrective Action, Notes and raw data for current production across all machines.


SKU: 64AAB610
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