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Real-Time Professional 3D Edition
Designed for customers who wish to collect data using the Hoops 3D graphics view, in addition to all features offered by MeasurLink 7 Real-Time Professional Edition. Hoops 3D files can be exported from most CAD systems and provides the operator with a real view of the part. Camera angle and position can be saved for each characteristic providing for an intuitive prompted guided sequencing for the inspector.
Supported data sources: keyboard, RS232, and USB devices, native Mitutoyo integration (DDE), ASCII and QMD (xml-based) file import.

  • 3D view
    True three-dimensional model support with Hoops streaming files (*.HSF). Export your part’s model from Catia, Solidworks or other CAD software and place callouts in the 3D space.
  • Flexible callout design
    Callouts provide part acceptability at a glance. You can design them the same way as for the two-dimensional view to include charts or statistical information with the ability to size any element inside the callout.
  • Guided sequence
    The display can automatically change during data collection to show the next or last observation point, providing a simple guided sequence for the inspection procedure. By saving a different view for each characteristic to be inspected, you can have the model rotate, pan or zoom to show the operator details of the part.


SKU: 64AAB608
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