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   • IM7530: Trinocular Brightfield /Darkfield/Polarizing 12V/50W Metallurgical Microscope has a ergonomic slim triangular shaped design that saves bench space to maximize efficiency and offers ultimate stability with its cast aluminum alloy frame. This is the most rugged Inverted Microscope from Japan.  Infinity Corrected Plan Semi Apo BD 5X, 10X, 20X and LWD 50X objectives are standard in all units.  All of our IM7500 Series controls are ergonomically positioned to provide comfort and extended ease of use for the operator.  An integrated Incident High power 12V/50W vertical Koehler Halogen illuminator with variable intensity control and automatic voltage sensing power supply provides excellent specimen illumination and contrast.  
   • MA816/05: Siedentopf type trinocular head – inclined at 30°, I.P. adjustment 53mm to 75mm graduated diopter on left eyetube (30mm I.D. eyetubes) with depolarizer, includes 80/20 beamsplitter
   • MA817 (x 2): SWH10X Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece, Field No. 22, tube O.D. 30.0 mm
   • MA923: Plan Epi Objective BD5X, ∞ Infinity Corrected objective N.A. 0.10, W.D. 17.0mm, F.L. 40.0
   • MA924: Plan Epi Objective BD10X, ∞ Infinity Corrected objective N.A. 0.25,W.D. 7.48mm, F.L. 20.0
   • MA925: Plan Epi Objective BD20X, ∞ Infinity Corrected objective N.A. 0.40, W.D. 5.20mm, F.L. 10.0
   • MA995: Plan Epi Objective BD50X, ∞ Infinity Corrected objective N.A. 0.50, W.D. 5.00mm, F.L. 4.0
   • Nosepiece: Quintuple Nosepiece, side facing, with positive precision detent, click stops (Factory Installed)
   • MA1011: Vertical Koehler illuminator, including filters and polarizer in sliding mount(without lamphouse)
   • MALH50: Lamphouse for use with 12V/50W Halogen Lamp (Included in 50w models)
   • MA275/25: Blue clear filter, 19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount, fits 30mmfilter slot   • 
   • MA275/30: Green clear filter, 19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount, fits 30mm filter slot
   • MA275/50: N.D.50 neutral density filter, 19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount, fits 30mm filter slot 
   • MA959: Polarizing filter, 19.5mm diameter filter in metal mount. Fits 30mm filter slot
   • MA1016: Round 110mm diameter, 2mm thick metal stage plate insert with 22mm opening for specimen 
   • Stage: Mechanical Stage with  240mm (X) x 184mm (Y) dimensions with 50mm (X) x 40mm (Y) movement and drop down coaxial X-Y controls (Factory Installed)
   • Front Photo Port: Integrated photo port on the front of the body makes image documentation quick and easy with the proper C” mount or digital camera and SLR adapters
   • MA593: Stainless Steel Stage Clips, 4mm pin diameter, 75mm long (paired)
   • MA275/05: Halogen bulb, 12V/50W (Included in 50W models)(Factory Installed)
   • MA327: Fuse 3 Amp replacement (Included in 50W models)(Factory Installed)
   • MA809/10: Removable AC Electric cord with plug for 115V models or 
   • MA809/20: Removable AC Electric cord with plug for 220 models
   • MA1014: Dust cover for IM7500
   • Manual: IM7500 Meiji Techno Instruction Manual 
   • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty Card 

Product Information: 
   • Manufactured: 100% MADE IN JAPAN

Meiji IM7530 Trinocular Inverted Brightfield/Darkfield Metallurgical Microscope

SKU: IM7530
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