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Used Meiji ML7000 Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope with Incident (Reflected) light illumination and “∞ Infinity Optical System”, F=200MM, quintuple nosepiece. 6V 30W Halogen illuminator

Includes the following: 
  • non-erect image trinocular head
  • MA407 (x 2): DIN compensating 10X eyepieces, Field No. 20  
  •    • MA336: S. Plan M4X objective NA 0.10, ∞ Infinity corrected 
  •    • MA337: S. Plan M10X objective NA 0.25, ∞ Infinity corrected 
  •    • MA338: S. Plan M20X objective NA 0.40, ∞ Infinity corrected 
  •    • MA339: S. Plan M40X objective NA 0.65, ∞ Infinity corrected 
  •    • MA651/100: Vertical Koehler illuminator, 115V, 6V 30W halogen lamp, with infinity tube lens of focal length 200mm
  • Smooth-operating, ball bearing mounted, quintuple nosepiece
  • Flat-top stage: 172mm x 130mm surface with 100mm (X) by 100mm (Y) movement, drop-down right-handed coaxial controls.
  • Polarizer
Unit has been tested cleaned externally with great image quality!
All sales are final.

Meiji Techno ML7000 Metallurgical Reflected Light Microscope, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x

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