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MT5310L-HD1500MET-M/0.3 100X-1000X LED Trinocular Brightfield/Phase Contrast Biological Microscope with U Plan Phase Ph10X, Ph20X, Ph40X, Ph100X Objectives and HD Camera Monitor (HD1500MET-M)

This configuration consists of the MT5310L and the HD1500MET-M Camera Monitor.

MT5310L is Meiji Techno's laboratory grade upright LED Brightfield / Phase Contrast advanced research and laboratory microscope line is the new and cost-effective MT5000 Series Biological Microscopes. The MT5000 Series employs all new and improved U.Plan optics. Meiji Techno's ICOS™ (Infinity Corrected Optical System) makes the study of mounted specimens fast and easy while delivering an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.

The MT5000 series is one of our  most rugged fully equipped biological microscope systems. Created to meet the demands of researchers and clinical laboratory specialists. The MT5000 series microscopes feature a new computer engineered rigid frame that incorporates low positioned coaxial coarse/fine focus controls and ergonomic stage design for maximum efficiency and comfort while providing and extremely stable platform. The cast aluminum alloy metal stand has a chemical resistant finish and is the  most rugged, durable finish in the market today. Equipped tension adjustment controls and a built in stage stop lever to protech specimen and objectives from accidental damage during use. The MT5000 series offers an outstanding range of optical performance with an emphasis on all newly engineered high performance U. Plan optics. The new optics, provide exceptionally bright, crisp images with good color rendition and superior flat fields of view. The MT5000 series have bigger stage and 30mm wider eyepiece compared to the MT4000.

The HD1500MET-M is our full featured 6 MP camera with a 1/3” CMOS chip.  A 0.3X C-mount adapter (MA151/35/03) is needed to attach to any standard Meiji Techno America Trinocular Microscope. The HD1500MET-M features a full HD (1080x1920) resolution, which provides high fidelity images with a refresh rate of 60fps- frames per second when connected via HDMI, so there is absolutely no lag in the live video feed when moving your specimen or part. Included with the 11.8” High Definition display is a mounting kit that allows the display to be mounted directly in front of the HD1500MET-M.

The 11.8” High Definition display is used with the provided USB 2.0 mouse; with this the user can access menus that provide all the features of the camera such as exposure, white balance, color control (red or blue), gamma, brightness, sharpness, saturation, denoise, color temperature. In addition, it allows the user to save images and videos directly on the full SD card due to the onboard operating system. You can flip the image horizontally, vertically, do a split screen where-in one side of the monitor is a live image and the other half is the captured image. You can also digitally increase/decrease the zoom if needed if your stereo system has reached its magnification potential, this will give you the added digital magnification needed. You can also superimpose a cross-line reticle directly on your live image, first click gives you a red line second click gives you a green line, and the third click omits the crossline. The live video and still shots can be saved directly on the removable full SD card for subsequent image capture. All this is achieved without the need for a PC. You may also connect directly to any monitor or TV with a HDMI port for a wider view if necessary.  All USB 2.0, HDMI, SD card, power supply is all supplied. You can also attach a wireless mouse if you choose to go wireless with a third party mouse.

• 6MP Still resolution 3264x1836
• 2MP Live video 1920x1080 60 fps (frames per second) via HDMI
• 2MP Live video 1920x1080 30 fps (frames per second) via USB2.0


Meiji Techno Phase Contrast optical components needs to be aligned to the condenser annulus with the phase plate in the objective rear focal plane with a phase telescope, that inserts into one of the microscope eyepiece observation ports. The phase contrast annulus is used in the substage condenser on Meiji Techno’s upright microscope within the condenser turret.  The Phase ring in the condenser must be specifically matched to the particular Phase objective equipped with a corresponding phase plate annulus.  For example, the Phase 10X and Phase 20X both of which contain a phase plate will require a condenser annuli having different diameters that correspond to the objective magnification and N.A. (Numerical Aperture). By properly matching the Meiji Techno Condenser annulus to the objective phase plate, the Meiji Techno Phase microscope can be aligned to superimpose illuminating light rays passed through the annulus onto the Phase ring of the objective to achieve proper Phase contrast illumination.

The Ph1 condenser annulus , which contains the smallest aperture, is designed to be used with the lower power 10X and 20X Phase objective. Intermediate magnification objective  40X Phase utilize the Ph 2 annulus, while the highest power and N.A. 100X objective require the Ph 3 annulus, which requires the largest phase annulus.

The Ph1 position in the Phase Condenser Turret facilitates Objectives Phase 10X and Phase 20X

The Ph2 position in the Phase Condenser Turret facilitates Objectives Phase 40X

The Ph3 position in the Phase Condenser Turret facilitates Objectives Phase 100X

The MT5000 Series features include:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Comfortable Siedentopf viewing heads/li>
  • Your choice and preference in illumination, halogen or LED
  • Available with motorized stage and focus drive
  • Optional Ergonomic Binocular Viewing Head Available

Meiji Techno MT5310L-HD 100X-1000X LED Trinocular Brightfield/Phase Contrast

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