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Micro-Lite® High Intensity Ultraviolet LED Ring Illuminator with 9 Extreme Output LEDs is a microscope ring light designed to work with most microscopes. This LED Illuminator is the brightest on the market, and rivals 150w Halogen illuminators. It’s energy efficient with a 365nm rating, and the total energy consumption of this unit is a scant 8w! Ultraviolet light is ideal for conformal coating and dye penetrant inspection, forgery analysis, mineral & gemstone inspection, and crime scene forensics.

This product features a 100-240V (50-60Hz) Auto Switchable Transformer design. Available in black molded shade only. ESD Safe.


Product features of this Ultraviolet LED ring light include:

  • 9 Extreme Output LEDs
  • Brightest LED Illuminator on the market—rivals 150w Halogen illuminators!
  • Energy Efficient with 365nm rating.
  • Total Energy consumption of this unit is 8w
  • 100-240V (50-60Hz) Auto Switchable Transformer design
  • Available in black molded shade only
  • ESD Safe

Micro-Lite® High Intensity Ultraviolet LED Ring Illuminator

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