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0.375" Stem Dia., White Dial, 0-15-0 Reading, 1.575" Dial Dia., 0-0.03" Range, 0.0005" Graduation, +/-0.0005" Accuracy 

Mitutoyo 513-462-10E Dial Test Indicator

SKU: 513-462-10E
  • The Mitutoyo 513 series dial test indicator has a white face, a 0.375" stem diameter, and inch measurements. The indicator has a reversible measuring direction and an adjustable contact point, and is used to measure surface variations in narrow or recessed areas. The horizontal face is parallel to the axis of the indicator and three dovetail mounts, and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically from the front, top, or back of the indicator. It has a unified outer frame that prevents oil and water from permeating the front face, a hard frame body that provides rigidity and durability, and a clear, flat, and scratch-resistant crystal face. This dial indicator meets Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) B7533-1990. The basic set includes a dial indicator, a 0.079" carbide contact point, a 3/8" diameter stem, a knurled clamp ring, and a plastic storage box.

    Dial readings with three digits, such as 0-10-0, signify that the indicator has a balanced dial. Dial readings with two digits, such as 0-100, indicate that the dial has a continuous dial. Balanced dials are used to read the difference from a specific surface reference point. Continuous dials are used for direct readings and usually have a larger measurement range than balanced dials. Optional features include jeweled bearings for high sensitivity and accuracy, and a white face.
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