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Series 378


  • The optical system that has originally developed for the best seller FS 60 models was further enhanced for the FS70 models. It is ideal as a microscope unit of a prober station for semiconductors. (All models CE marked.)
  • The FS70L supports three types of YAG laser wavelength ranges (1064nm, 532nm and 355nm), while the FS70L4 supports two types of wavelength ranges (532nm and 266nm), thus expanding a scope of laser applications, allowing laser-cutting of thin-films used in semiconductors and liquid crystal substrates. However, Mitutoyo assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the performance and/or safety of the laser system used with Mitutoyo microscopes. a careful examination is recommended in selecting a laser-emission unit.
  • Bright field, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) and polarized observations are standard with the FS70Z. The FS70L and FS70L4 do not support the DIC method.
  • By employing an inward revolver, the long working distance objectives provide excellent operatability.
  • An ergonomic design with superb operatability: the FS70 employs the erect-image optical system (the image in the field of view has the same orientation as the specimen) and enlarged fine focus adjustment wheel with rubber grip coarse adjustment knob.

Technical Data
Focus adjustment

  • Method: With concentric coarse and fine focusing wheels (right and left)
  • Range: 50mm travel range0.1mm/rev. for fine adjustment, 3.8mm/rev. for coarse adjustment
  • Trinocular tube Image: Erect image
  • Pupil distance: Siedentopf type, adjustment range: 51 - 76mm
  • Field number: 24
  • Tilt angle: 0º - 20º (only -TH, -THS models)
  • Illumination system: Reflective illumination for bright field (Koehler illumination, with aperture diaphragm)
  • Light source: 12V100W fiber optics, non-stepped adjustment), light guide length 1.5m, power consumption 150W
  • Objectives (optional): M Plan Apo-4, M Plan Apo SL, G Plan Apo. Check out our Objective page here.



Several Options and configurations available, please contact us for more information or quotation.

Mitutoyo FS-70 Series Microscope

SKU: 378
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