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HH-411 is a compact portable hardness tester that is user-friendly.
A single touch of a button performs the non-destructive impact hardness
test so it's extremely easy to test workpieces on site.


Hardness testing on narrow surfaces is possible
Only a small surface area is needed for testing hardness
with the HH-411. (A small ø22mm for the standard type
D impactor)


Unit of hardness is selectable for various purposes
The HH-411 produces HL hardness scale results (L hardness:
conforming to ASTM A 956), automatically converting to
Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell C, Rockwell B, Shore and tensile
strength, as required during testing.


Equipped with auto angle compensation function
Impact-type hardness measurements are normally affected
by gravity, depending on the angle at which the impactor is
held, but the HH-411 is equipped with the latest measuring
technology that automatically recognizes impactor orientation
and compensates for this effect so maximum accuracy is
realized in every measurement.



Mitutoyo HH-411 Impact Type Portable Hardness Tester

SKU: 810-298-10
$4,580.00 Regular Price
$4,122.00Sale Price
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