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Product Features:

  • Inside Ring Hardness Testing: Test hardness of an inside ring wall without cutting the ring (all models). Minimum diameter is 34 mm, but inside diameters as small as 22 mm can be tested using the optional 5 mm diamond indenter.
  • Display with Color Touch-Screen: A color touch screen displays results of statistical calculations and graphic functions, which can be stored as text data. The touch-panel display can be mounted on top of the tester to save space.

Touch Screen functions include:

  • Direct Hardness Scale Selection: The required hardness scale can be selected with the touch panel. The initial test force and loading force are automatically set in accordance with the selected scale.
  • Curved Surface Compensation and Measurement: The curved-surface function enables curved surfaces, including round bars and spheres to be tested for hardness as easily as flat surfaces.
  • Statistical Analysis: The touch screen provides statistical calculation of the maximum value, minimum value, mean value and standard deviation when analyzing multi-point test results.
  • Graphic Display of Statistical Calculation Results and X-R Control Charts: Numeric display of statistical analysis results, including maximum and minimum values mean value and graphic display of X-R control charts and histograms required for hardness evaluation.
  • Measurement with a Nose-indenter Shaft: Nose-type indenter enables measurement on a flat top surface of a specimen and the inside surface of a cylindrical specimen.
  • Continuous Measurement Function: When testing multiple workpieces with the same height continuous testing is possible by pressing the foot switch or the start button.




Bench Top Hardness Testers; Scale Type: Rockwell & Light Force Brinell; Rockwell Superficial ; Minimum Hardness: 0 ; Test Force Range (N): 29.42-1839 ; Display Type: Touch Screen ; Overall Height (mm): 250 ; Overall Height (Decimal Inch): 9.84

Scale TypeRockwell & Light Force Brinell; Rockwell Superficial
Minimum Hardness0
Test Force Range (N)29.42-1839
Display TypeTouch Screen
Overall Height (mm)250
Overall Height (Decimal Inch)9.84
Overall Height (Inch)9.84
Overall Width (Decimal Inch)5.9000
Overall Depth (mm)150.00
Overall Depth (Decimal Inch)6.0000
Includesa Combination Dimond Indentor; 1/16" Carbide Ball Indenter; one Flat and one V Anvil; 2 HRC, 1HRBW, 1 HR30TW and 1HR30N Test Block



Mitutoyo HR-530 Rockwell Hardness Tester

SKU: 810-233-23A
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