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Non-contact, high-accuracy measurement system

Best-in-Class Repeatability of ±0.045μm


  • The best repeatability available in the 25mm/1" class.
  • The ultra-precise scanning motor enables the highest measurement accuracy.
  • Thanks to excellent linearity, an accuracy of ±0.5μm over the entire measuring rangeand a higher accuracy of ±(0.3+0.1ΔD)µm over a narrow range are guaranteed.
  • An excellent option for measuring pin gages or plug gages.


Measuring Unit
Measuring range0.1 to 25mm (0.004 - 1.0 in)
Resolution0.01 to 10μm (selectable) (0.000001 - 0.0005 in)
Repeatability *1Whole range: ±0.045μm (±0.0000018 in) (ø25mm)
Narrow range: ±0.03μm (±0.0000012 in) (ø10mm)
Accuracy *2 (20ºC) Whole range: ±0.5μm (±0.000020 in)
Narrow range: ±(0.3+0.1ΔD) [D:mm]µm
±(.000012+.0001ΔD) [D:inch] *5
Movement error *3±0.5μm (±.000020")
Measuring region *4±1.5mm x 25mm (±.06 x 1.0 in)
Scanning rate1600 scans/s
Laser wavelength650nm (visible)
Laser scanning speed112m/s
Operating environmentTemperature: 0 to 40ºC
Humidity: RH 35 to 85% (non-condensing)

*1: At the 2σ level in the case where ø25mm and ø10mm diameters are measured using a measurement time of 1.28 seconds (2048 scans on average)

*2: The value at the center of the measuring range

*3: The additional error (in outside diameter) caused by workpiece movement within the measuring envelope during the measuring cycle

*4: Length along optical axis × Scanning length (Measuring range)

*5: ΔD is the difference in outside diameter between the master gage and workpiece.


Display Unit 
Display16-digit plus 11-digit fluorescent display, and guide message LED
Segment1 to 7 (1 to 3, transparent) or 1 to 255 edges
Averaging timesArithmetic average: 1 to 2048 scans.
Moving average: 32 to 2048 scans.
JudgmentSelection from "target value + tolerance",
"lower tolerance + upper tolerance",
or "7 classes multilimit tolerance zone"
Measurement modeStandby, Single measurement, Continuous measurement
Statistical analysisMaximum, Minimum, Max-Min, Average, Dispersion, (S.D)
External dimensions335mm (W) x 134mm (H) x 250mm (D)
Power supply100 to 240VAC ±10% 35W 50/60Hz
Standard outputRS-232C, Analog I/O
Optional outputDigimatic code output unit (2-ch), 2nd I/O analog I/F, BCD I/F
Operating environment0 to 40°C, RH 35 to 85% (non-condensing)
OthersNominal setting, sample setting, suppression of unnecessary digits,
transparent object measurement, automatic measurement in edge
mode, output timer, abnormal data elimination, SHL change,
group judgment, simultaneous measurement, statistical processing,
mastering, buzzer function, automatic workpiece detection
(dimension/position), zero-set/offset.
Note: In the case of dual measuring-unit connection, extra-fine line
measurement and some of the communication commands are
not available.

Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-6902H

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