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The Mitutoyo LH-600FG Linear Height Measurement System is the latest model in the Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage line, designed to be more user-friendly while maintaining the best-in-class reliability and accuracy of previous models.


New Features:

  • Rotatable touch screen interface
  • New self-check feature
  • High-accuracy encoder more resistant to contaminants
  • Improved 2D mode
  • Calibration date warning
  • S1 Digimatic output capable of sending data directly to Excel, wired or wirelessly
  • Additional probe and extension options


Still Featuring:

  • Resolution down to 0.1µinch (selectable)
  • Highest accuracy in its class ± (1.1+0.6L/600) µm
  • Pneumatic full/semi-float system with built-in compressor
  • Capable of standard measurements such as heights and diameters or advanced measurements like angles, diagonal distances and perpendicularity (optional probes may be required)
  • The Origin can be set at centerline positions, peaks of radii or simply on the surface plate or gage blocks

Complimentary A2LA Accredited Calibration & Shipping

Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage LH-600F 0-38" / 0-972mm

$10,300.00 Regular Price
$8,860.00Sale Price
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