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This Mitutoyo vernier nib jaw caliper with fine adjustment has round measuring faces for accurate ID measurement. The fine adjustment allows the carriage to feed the slider finely. Inside and outside measurements can be directly read from the upper and lower slider graduations, respectively. This nib jaw fine adjustment caliper has a inch/metric dual scale.

  • Range = 0-18" / 0-450mm
  • Minimum ID Measurement Dimension = 0.5" / 20mm
  • Accuracy = +/-0.002"
  • Lower Scale Graduation = 0.001"
  • Upper Scale Graduation = 0.02mm
  • Construction = Hardened stainless steel with easy-to-read satin-chromed scales.
  • Weight = 1200g

Mitutoyo Nib Jaw Fine Adjustment Vernier Caliper 0-18" / 0-450mm

SKU: 160-119
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