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  • By separating axial motion, and stabilizing the XY measuring table in the vertical direction, high measuring accuracy of (3+0.02L)μm has been achieved on the PJ-H30 Series Profile Projectors. Focusing is accomplished by moving the screen head itself up & down with the hand wheel or motorized unit. The power focusing (PJ-H30D type) provides higher performance.
  • Newly designed optical system with high NA lenses provide drastically brighter and clearer screen images during surface illumination.
  • The three-lens mounting turret includes a 10X lens as standard.
  • Bulb slide switching mechanism that allows quick and safe changing of a blown bulb
  • Dramatic increase in the light intensity of a projected image thanks to the new contour illumination optical system (2 times higher than the conventional model in the average intensity of all lenses)
  • High-visibility digital counter with a large character display (approx. 3.6 times larger than the conventional type in area terms)
  • High-accuracy measurement above JIS standard
  • Choice of measuring range in line with market demands · Quick release mechanism on each axis that enables
  • A model with a high-accuracy edge detector (Opto-eye) is available for effective, manual measurement. smooth switching between fast positioning and Fine feed
  • Regulated power supply with a soft-start characteristic for maximizing halogen bulb life


  • Protractor Screen:
  • Effective diameter:12” / 306mm
  • Screen material:Fine ground glass
  • Reference line:Cross hair line
  • Screen rotation: ±360°, fine feed and clamp
  • Angle display(LED):
  • Resolution:1’ or 0.01°(switchable), Range: ±370°,
  • Functions:Absolute/incremental mode switching, Zero set
  • Magnification Accuracy:
  • Contour illumination: ±0.1% or less
  • Surface: illumination ±0.15% or less
  • Contour Illumination:
  • light source: Halogen bulb(24V 150W)
  • Optical system: Zoom telecentric system
  • Functions: Brightness adjustment, Heat-absorbing filter, Cooling fan
  • Surface Illumination:
  • light source: Halogen bulb(24V 150W)
  • Optical system: Vertical / Oblique illumination with an adjustable condenser lens
  • Functions: Non-stepped brightness adjustment, Heat-absorbing filter, Cooling fan
  • XY Range: 12” x 6.7”
  • Resolution: .001”/0.001mm
  • Measuring Unit: Built in Linear Scale
  • Power Supply: 120V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Standard Accessories: 
  • 10x projection lens set,masking shield, power cord, halogen bulb,fuse, grounding wire, allen key,vinyl cover

Mitutoyo PJ-H30 Series Profile Projector 12" x 6.7" XY Range

SKU: 303-719-13A
$44,100.00 Regular Price
$33,075.00Sale Price
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