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The ultimate in simple operation with one click measurement.
This non-contact 2D vision measuring system brings you a new concept in 2D vision measuring instruments. It offers several unique features to improve the efficiency of your measurements,

  • Large depth of field and wide field of view.
  • Double telecentric optical system.
  • 3 megapixels colour camera.
  • 4-quadrant LED ring light.
  • Motorized stage models provide highest measurement efficiency.




Travelling range X-, Y-axis:

300 x 170 [mm]

Travelling range Z-axis:

100 [mm]

Stage glass size:

360 x 230 [mm]

Measuring Mode:

High-resolution mode and Normal mode

Optical system working distance:

90 mm

Optical system
depth of focus

High-resolution mode : ±0.6 mm; Normal mode : ±11 mm

Accuracy (1):

E1(x,y) = ±(3.5+0.02L) μm*L = measuring length (mm)

Optical system magnification:

QI-A models : 0.2X

CCD camera:

3 Megapixels colour CCD camera


- Contour- Coaxial- 4-quadrant LED (RL)

Accuracy within the screen (±2σ):

Specifications when at focal position QI-A models : ±2 μm (high-resolution mode) ±4 μm (normal mode)

Repeatability (±2 σ)
within the screen:

QI-A models : ±1 μm (high-resolution mode) ±2 μm (normal mode)


QI-A models, 0.2x Magnification, Manual stage

Mitutoyo Quick Image QI-A3017D, 300 x 170 mm Manual V

SKU: 361-853A
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