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Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-310, 178-571-12A is a compact, portable, easy-to-use surface roughness measurement instrument equipped with extensive measurement and analysis features. This model is a Standard Drive unit with a 4mN Measuring Force. Features a large color graphic LCD touch-screen that provides excellent readability as well as a back-light for improved visibility in dark environments. The internal memory, password protection, multilingual support and stylus alarm are just a few things that make these highly functional. It also features enhanced power for making measurements on site possible. Also equipped with a highly-functional display unit containing an integrated high-speed printer.



  • Range:14400 ?in (-7900 ?in to +6300 ?in)<br> [360 ?m (-200 ?m to +160 ?m)]
  • Type:Portable, touch-screen
  • Details:Standard Accessories: 12AAW066 Connecting cable*8 178-601 Roughness reference specimen  357651 AC adapter 12AAA217 Nosepiece for plane surface 12AAA218 Nosepiece for cylinder 12AAA216 Supporting leg 12BAK700 Calibration stage 12BAG834 Stylus pen 12BAL402 Protection sheet 270732 Printer paper (5 pieces) 12BAL400 Carrying case Philips screwdriver, Strap for stylus pen, Operation manual, Quick reference manual, Warranty
  • Resolution:360 µm / 0.02 µm (14400 µinch / .8 µinch) 100 µm / 0.006 µm (4000 µinch / .2 µinch) 25 µm / 0.002 µm (1000 µinch / .08 µinch)


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Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-310 Surface Roughness Tester 4MN

SKU: 178-571-12A
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