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Advanced Configuration with Brightfield/DarkField Objectives and 100watt illumination. See details for included components.

Motic AE2000MET Brightfield/Darkfield Inverted

$7,799.49 Regular Price
$7,409.50Sale Price
  • AE2000MET Trinocular with 100W illumination
    "Trinocular head Siedentopf type 45° inclined, 360° swiveling
    (light split 100:0/20:80)"
    Widefield high eyepoint eyepiece 10X / 20mm (paired), focusable
    Side facing quintuple nosepiece
    Mechanical stage with metal stage insert
    Halogen illumination 12V/100W with external lamp house and intensity control
    Blue filter, allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover, power cord
    Universal Power Supply 100-240V
    Eyepieces: N-WF PL 10x/20mm with diopter adjustment
    LM Plan BD 5X N.A. 0.13 / W.D.17.3
    LM Plan BD 10X N.A. 0.25 / W.D. 16.3
    LM Plan BD 20X N.A.0.4 / W.D. 7.3
    LM Plan BD 50X N.A. 0.55 / W.D. 7.2
    1X C-mount camera adapter (no lens)
    Polarizer and Analyzer

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