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NMS800 Digital Readout

The NMS800 is the newest in Newall’s range of premium readouts. The DRO hosts many productivity enhancing features that will increase machine tool efficiency.

The NMS800, when matched with Newall’s Spherosyn Serial and Microsyn Serial encoders, provides years of maintenance free, trouble free performance. Newall’s inductive encoders are simple to install and designed to provide consistent accuracy and reliability even under the harshest workshop conditions.


  • Includes: 
  • •   NMS800 Display 
  • •   Display Mounting Arm 
  • •   Head Mounting Bracket Kits 
  • •   Encoder Assemblies (including)  Serial reader head  Scale Tube  Brackets for scale tube  
  • Note: 2 axis packages come with NMS800 with no aux output as standard. 
  • Please contact us if aux output is required

Newall NMS800 2 Axis 12" x 30" Milling Machine Package

SKU: N803012XXM1012
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