Coupler Links 1/2” C-Mount Camera → 38mm ø ISO Nikon Photoport

Part No. DC50NN

For microscope manufacturer: Nikon

For microscope group: NIKON N GROUP

Fits: Nikon Upright: Alphaphot 2 - Eclipse series (requires YT Tube 92306) - Labophot 2 - Optiphot 2 - Optiphot 100S, 150, 200, 300 (All inssert into 38mm ISO photoport) Nikon Inverted: Diaphot 200/300 - TS100F - TE2000 (All insert into 38mm ISO port - non compatable with 0.38X and 0.5X couplers) Eclipse TI Series & Eclipse Ts2 Series (Via Sideport) Nikon Metallurgical: Epiphot 300/200 (All inssert into 38mm ISO photoport) Nikon Stereo: SMZ10A - (0.67X and 1.0X only) SMZU - SMZ1000 - SMZ1500 (All insert into 38mm ISO photoport) - SMZ18 - SMZ25 - SMZ1270 - SMZ1270i - (ALL With LV-TV tube) Nikon Measuring: MM40 - MM60 (Both insert into 38mm ISO photoport)

Camera mount: C-Mount

Camera sensor size: 1/2"

Magnification: 0.50X

Coupler type: Direct Coupler

Nikon 0.50X C-Mount ISO 38mm Camera Coupler DC50NN


    7536 West Murray Drive

    Cicero, NY 13039