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The MA100N is a compact inverted microscope designated for bright field and simple polarizing observations. Responding to the requests from manufacturing and QA/QC sections in a variety of industries, Nikon developed this simple but durable model which enables high contrast image observation and capture. Further, the high intensity LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement.


  • Metallurgy, Metal manufacturing
  • Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis, Grain sizing
  • Surface examination
  • Antennae, Telescope optics
  • Telecom & electronics
  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches


Package includes:

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope MA100N

Power Cord

(2)TS2-W 10X Eyepieces

Rectangular , 50 x 50mm travel, RH control Stage

LE PLAN EPI 5X Objective

LE PLAN EPI 10X Objective

LE PLAN EPI 20X Objective

LE PLAN EPI 50X Objective

LE PLAN EPI 100X Objective



Additional options and accessories available upon request.





Nikon Eclipse MA100N Brightfield Inverted Microscope

SKU: MFA44000
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