-SMZ-25 Motorized/Intelligent Zoom Body 0.63x-15.75X with built-in double iris diaphragm
-P2-TERG50 Tilt Trinoc. Body Tube, 0-30 Degree, 100% Eye, 50% Eye/50% Photo (Req. Tube adapter for ISO)
-C-W10XB Eyepieces-NC, FN 22, accepts 25mm reticles
-P2-RNI2 Intelligent Dual Nosepiece
-0.5X SHR Pl Apo Objective, NA .078 SMZ-25, NA .075 SMZ-18 WD 71mm
-1.0X SHR Pl Apo Objective, NA 0.156 SMZ-25, NA 0.15 SMZ-18, WD 60mm
-P2-DBL Dia. LED BF & OCC Base
-P2-MFU Motorized Focus Column-100mm travel
-P2-RC Remote Control Pad
-P2-CI EPI Coaxial Illuminator (1.0X) with dual plastic fiber light guide
-P2-CI- 0.5x Quarter Lambda Plate
-P2-CI- 1x Quarter Lambda Plate
-P2-FIRL LED Ring Light with adjustable intensity for 0.5x & 1.0x objectives.
-C-FIDH Dual Fiber carrier bracket with adjustable locking arms

***Camera and software options also available for an additional cost.


Please contact us for additional accessories and configurations.

Nikon SMZ 25 Research Stereo Microscope System

SKU: MNA54000