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QuickPHOTO INDUSTRIAL program is designed for acquisition of digital images from microscopes equipped with digital cameras, editing, annotations and saving of acquired images and for measurements. This easy-to-learn program is designed for use especially in industry and materials science applications. QuickPHOTO INDUSTRIAL program is equipped with variety of measuring functions: measuring of lengths, perimeters, diameters, areas, angles, distances of parallel lines, counting of objects, phase analysis and evaluation of hardness and microhardness tests. The program is also equipped with advanced exporting and reporting features.


Main Features Overview: • Image acquisition and live view from a wide range of imaging devices: microscope digital cameras, DSLR cameras, scanners • Measurements in acquired images and in live view* • Metric and imperial units are supported: µm, mm, in, mils, thou. • Measured values are displayed in a well-arranged table with basic statistics: number of measurements, min and max value, average value, standard deviation. Particular measurements can be annotated. • Measured values can be exported to a Microsoft® Excel® file (optionally also with the measured image) or a text file. • Measured values can be instantly exported to an opened Microsoft® Excel® workbook. This way the measurements can be continuously evaluated by functions or macros predefined in an Excel ® sheet. • Advanced functions for saving of multiple images at once • Option to automatically save acquired images to a predefined folder right after acquisition • Export of images and tables of measured values to Microsoft® Word reports. Users can create custom report templates with various layouts and number of images. • Support for zooming units, magnification changer units and magnification encoders (devices for automatic determination of currently used microscope magnification) • Image editing functions, indication and annotation of interesting areas of the image, image descriptions • Advanced printing functions including interactive preview • Automatic time-lapse image capturing with the options to control computer-controlled illuminators and time-lapse HD video creating • Option to acquire images using an optional remote trigger • Calibrations can be locked with a password protection; the calibrations are protected by a digital signature against unauthorized modifications. • Support of work on two-monitor workstations • Multilingual, user friendly, adjustable graphical interface in: English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese. • Option to extend functions with additional modules: Deep Focus, HDR, Image Stitching, RECORD IT, Figure Maker *Live view measurements are available only for some of the supported imaging devices.

QuickPHOTO Industrial Software

SKU: E61MPR623
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