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Measuring Range X-Axis  -15.75in -400mm

Measuring Range Y-Axis  -15.75in -400mm

Measuring Range Z-Axis  -7.78in -200mm

Resolution 0.1 µm

Measuring accuracy  E1(X,Y) = (2+3L/1000)E1(Z) = (3+5L/1000)E2(X,Y) = (2.5+4L/1000)

Mass  44lbs 20kg

Illuminations  (White LED)Contour / Coaxial / 4-quadrant ring light

Magnification change system  Zoom optical system with 8 positions(Standard 1.5X magnification lens)

Sensor type  High-resolution CMOS color camera

Optional objective lens  1X and 2X magnification

Factory option  Series 364 (TP) Touch-Probe option

Mitutoyo QV Active 404

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