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  • WiFi / USB / Ethernet -- Great flexibility to connect and control.
  • WiFi: Use SKYE View 3 Mobile Apps for Android and iOS (Apple) or SKYE View 3 Windows PC software for wireless connection to the camera.
  • USB: Use SKYE View 3 Windows software for Windows PC for USB connection to the camera.
  • Ethernet: Use SKYE View 3 Windows PC software and Ethernet connection to control the camera.
  • HDMI Out: Connect directly to HD, 4K or higher resolution monitor. Control the camera via WiFi or USB connection.
  • 12MP SONY camera sensor produces 4000x3000 images. That's way beyond 4K resolution!
  • Fast 30fps with up to 13 simultaneous connections!
  • 5GHz WiFi signal works with most mobile devices.
  • Easy to attach to a microscope using a 0.5x c-mount adapter.

NOTE: Must use SKYE View 3 apps with SKYE WiFi 3 cameras. SKYE WiFi 3 cameras are not backward compatible with older app versions.


NOTE: SKYE View 3 mobile apps are backward compatible with ALL SKYE WiFi cameras (CAT# AU-SKYE-WIFI3, AU-500-WIFI2, AU-500-WIFI).

SKYE WiFi 3 Camera

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