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Video measurement is ideal for routine components where edges of features can easily be identified.

However components come in all shapes, colours, and textures, so with Swift-Duo, you can choose the ideal technology for the measured feature.

Seamlessly switching from video measurement to optical measurement in the same routine, without delay, you can have the best measurement tool available all the time.


Swift-Duo features ‘next generation’ multi-touch measurement software, featuring ‘touch-to-measure’ technology, making Swift exceptionally intuitive, easy to operate and easy to learn.

‘Touch-to-measure’ means that in addition to conventional mouse control, you can ‘pinch’ to zoom, ‘swipe’ to pan across an image and ‘touch’ to take a measurement.

You can even trace your finger around a complex shape to ‘see’ the feature.

Icon-based touch-screen control provides users with smartphone familiarity, with a Windows 7-based operating system allows for simple integration with applications such as Microsoft Excel (not included), or connection to network printers etc.


This system is a showroom demonstration model and includes the following items:

Swift Metrology Stand, LED Sub-Stage Illumination, 1.3MP USB Camera

150mmX100mm XY Manual Operation Metrology Stage

10x lens

Viewing head

40 Watt Spot Lamp Unit

M3 2 Axis Metrology Controller, Touch2Measure Video Edge Detection, 23" All In One

M3 Direct Comparison Software, CAD Interface, Blob Tool, Overlay

Overlay Charting


Vision Engineering Swift Duo w/ Metlogix M3 Software and Touch ScreenController

$14,699.00 Regular Price
$12,500.00Sale Price
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