Technical Specifications

Lens Magnification on 24” monitor Field of view (min / max zoom) Lens to object distance
+4 1.7x - 53x 290 mm / 11.42’’ / 10.50 mm / 0.41‘‘ 250mm/9.84”
+5 2.2x - 66x 245 mm / 9.65’’ / 8 mm / 0.32’’ 200mm/7.87”
+10 (Achromatic) 4.2x - 129x 125 mm / 4.92’’ / 4.10 mm / 0.16’’ 100mm/3.94”
+10 (Plan - 1x) 4.3x - 133x 87 mm / 3.42’’ / 4 mm / 0.16’’ 78 mm/3.07"
+25 10.7x - 330x 49.80 mm / 1.96'' / 1.60 mm / 0.06'' 34mm/1.34”
+50 21x - 660x 25 mm / 0.98'' / 0.80 mm / 0.03'' 33,5mm/1.3”


Options & Dimensions

Lens options +4, +5, +10, +25, +50
Camera resolution FHD 1080p, 1920x1080@ 60/50/30/25Hz
Zoom 30x optical
Included lens +4 (58mm)
Working height Min: 33.5mm/1.32’’ Max: 288mm/11.34’
Working depth 150mm/5.91”
Dimensions H: 464mm/18.3" / D: 325mm/12.8" / W: 275mm/10.8"
Weight 11,0 kg/24.25 lbs
Cable types included HDMI-HDMI, USB 3.0
Output format HDMI
Aspect ratio 16:9



Zoom in and out Yes
Adjust focus (automatically or manually) Yes
Adjust iris, gain and exposure time (automatically or manually) Yes
Image capture to USB or internal storage (via control box) Yes
Image capture to PC (via third-party software) Yes
Define, recall and lock presets Yes
Turn light on/off Yes
White balance calibration, including auto white balance calibration at integrated light change Yes
Assistance to find optimal working distance Yes
Define close-up lens Yes
Define start magnification and lock magnification level Yes
Adjust advanced camera settings (Exposure compensation, contrast, saturation, sharpness and noise reduction) Yes
Wide dynamic range Yes
Picture flip Yes
IR filter to allow using Infrared ring light Yes
Switch between different video formats Yes
Choose format of captured images (jpg, bmp, tiff, png) Yes
Create custom prefixes in captured image file names Yes
Assign name to captured images directly on microscope Yes
Enable/disable image preview when capturing images Yes
Enable file share mode to save images directly to microscope Yes
Capture images automatically in defined intervals (auto capture mode and intervals) Yes
Monitor width and monitor readback Yes
Choose system units Yes
Choose numeric format Yes
Choose system language Yes
Choose keyboard layout Yes
Define foot switch configuration Yes
Scale bar Yes
Change date and time according to local time Yes
Focus stacking, Watermark and Ruler application included Yes
Additional apps available Yes
System updates (firmwares) available Yes
Laser pointer No

Tagarno PRESTIGE FHD w/XPLUS FHD Control Box, +4 lens, Dust Cover

SKU: 860100