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Superior Optical Performance

Outstanding 4K image quality, wide zoom range and large Field of View ~ 82 to 3.1 mm (~3.23” to 0.12”), equivalent to ~2.6x to 68x optical magnification or ~7.5 to 196x on screen magnification.

Upgradeable with x35 zoom optics providing ~ 58 to 1.65 mm (~2.28” to 0.063”) FoV, equivalent to ~3.8x to 127x optical magnification or ~10.9 to 370x on screen magnification.


Robust Desgin

The robust aluminium housing with heavy duty steel base-plate and stainless-steel top-plate creates maximum stability and robustness even in harsh environments.

The tempered glass window is specially manufactured to stand scratches and is coated to minimises glare and back-reflection into the optical system.

A cover is included for protection of the device aginst dust when not in use.


Dedicated Software

Nikon NIS-Elements combines powerful image acquisition, analysis, calibrated sequencial measurements, visualisation and data sharing tools.

Pre-calibrated optics with automatic zoom tracking ensures quick and accurate measurements of welds. Built-in camera and lens controls with 8 quick access zoom buttons makes image adjustment and acquisition simple and intuitive.


Fast and Accurate Sequential Measurements

User-friendly controls combined with pre-defined common weld type templates and streight forwards step-by-step sequential measurements ensure quick and accurate measurements.

User definable measurement sequences according to individual standards and acceptance criteria in addition to the pre-defined templates.


Data Export and Report

Export finished measurements inclusing sample pictures as a group to a Report, Microsoft Excel, Clipboard or a File format. The report can further be saved as PDF.

The measurement definition and the report can be edited and re-designed according to your needs.


Included items when you order HD-250

  • DIM-U, Inspectis Digital Inverted Microscope 8.3MP Ultra HD with 26x Zoom, Auto-focus and large aperture LED RingLight
  • 4K UHD USB3.0 Capture Pro Device (can be switched to PCIe Capture on request)
  • INSPECTIS© Basics Image Capture software
  • Nikon NIS Elements D software bundle  with sequential measurement and weld templates (to be ordered seperately)
  • Inspectis USB communication Cable and HDMI Cable, 1.5m
  • Inspectis Hardened glass windows (5 pcs kit)
  • Dust Cover for the instrument
  • Power Supply
  • Annual Service and Support for INSPECTIS software (one year)

Options include:

  • Upgrade INSPECTIS© software from Basics to ProX including USB dongle
  • Upgrade with Crossed Polariser Filter set
  • Upgrade to DIM-UX with 35:1 zoom 365x Magnification Optics
  • Flight Case for WELDinspect and accessories


Contact us for a demonstration or purchase.



Inspectis WELDinspect, 4K Digital Inverted Microscope System

SKU: HD-250
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